Stop Being Nice  - Move toward Counterintuitive Executive Presence

We need to stop being nice and learn to become kind.  It may seem odd and we call it counterintuitive communication. Kindness authorizes us to deliver tough messages.  Kindness enables us to innovate and disrupt. Kindness allows us to adjust communication for evolving roles. We become more successful when we understand that kindness affects how we land our messages.  Your tone, words, actions can create a collaborative approach rather than a divisive one. You will learn how counterintuitive actions can generate amazing results.


Claim Your Power - and don’t feel “bad” about it

Leaders are often defined by being strong, clear, boldly transparent, and risk takers. We recognize women have a different set of obstacles in their communication.  Hilary addresses the unique challenges facing female leaders and creates an open and honest program around perceptions. The interactive keynote provides tools and coaching that can be applied immediately to deliver clear, efficient, and powerful leadership communication.


Own Your Sales - Understand the Real Approach

Every business has its secret sauce - products, services, vocabulary, customer personalities.  Sales teams know all the processes and techniques to close the sale. Now it is time for them to take all the information and combine it with an understanding of why they aren’t landing certain sales because of how they are landing on the potential clients.  Are they being heard above the competition? Create greater success and richer relationships by exploring how counterintuitive communication can partner with your sales training.

Medical Professionals

Landing Your Message - Quality Communication and Care 

There never seems to be enough information when working through a health event.  Effective communication can put patients and their families at ease, as well as nurture a supportive environment with colleagues and the clinical team.  Learn the art of communication and neuroscience practices to provide both strength and empathy in stressful emotional environments. 

Protection from Burnout - It’s a Part of You

In order to provide good care you also need to practice self care.  Minimize burnout by knowing where to spend and how to save your energy when communicating complex and difficult messages.  Learn how to use your voice to share your message and protect your professional self from burnout.