Our Approach

The ARTiculate Approach

Receive real feedback on your communication presence.

Through the discipline of the individualized performer’s process we cultivate your unique strengths and style, identify things that betray your communication, and provide you the tools to make adjustments to maximize the impact. When you have the tools to align your message, non-verbal and voice, with your head heart and spirit, and vision, value and purpose, you shatter the constraints of communication conformity and power your individualized excellence.

Our Mission

Surface individual presence to empower connection.

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Our Vision

Real and Clear communication expands influence.

Our Values

ARTiculate Learning Model: Align the 9
Fully Embodied with Alignment of Voice, Non-Verbals, and Message with Your Head, Heart, and Gut with Your Purpose, Vision, and Values.

Commit to rumble
Care enough to stay available, listen, and share your voice.

Be actively curious
About yourself, about others, about how we communicate or don’t

Know words matter
The history of words, the changing meanings, and the actual sounds that make up words all matter.

Rock your awkward
We are often uncomfortable when we share our thoughts, when we learn new things, when we take on a new position and that’s totally part of it all.

Co-create as Ensemble
We are better, stronger, more expansive when we listen to each other and have input from all voices.

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ARTiculate: Real & Clear brings a unique blend of skills

We know performance.

Our coaches are experienced artists and teachers covering acting, voice-over, on-camera and media presence for business executives, TV personalities and Political figures.

We get executives.

We approach executive coaching with keen awareness on the essential role communication plays in culture.

We are passionate about communication.

Our coaching and training addresses all the tools we use to communicate—breath, voice, non-verbals, emotion, message—and helps people be aware of and able to use each to their best advantage.

We do virtual. A lot.

We are heavy users of technology for remote coaching and training. And we help others adjust their style to be more effective in virtual environments.

We’ve seen it all.

Three decades in the arts and business world has given our coaches the keen ability to provide feedback. We don’t just point out what’s happening; we talk about The Shift. Understanding and addressing root causes opens people up for real change.

We give real feedback in real time and for replays.

We are not afraid to interrupt the action to shift toward a better result. In person and virtually, we tape our coaching so people can learn in the moment while also being able to review later and see the changes created as we ask people to try new things. The combination enables short-term results and long-term change.

We unlock what’s already there.

Coaching isn’t about changing who someone is, it’s about helping them see the ways they can come across better.

We are good collaborators.

We know what we do well and will gladly complement other expertise needed to get to the right results

ARTiculate’s ARTful Mindset

ARTiculate’s performance lens challenges the assumptions, invites curiosity, builds self-awareness for authentic connection.

Performers never stop learning. They research, rehearse, and replay.

Performers embody their tools and skills to communicate more effectively.

Performers live into their unique authentic selves.