Assessment for Organizations, Teams and Individuals

Build a More Effective Organization & Team Through

Build a More Effective Organization & Team Through CultureTalk

Effectiveness and productivity are closely aligned to leadership, team and individual communication

What if discussing Organizational Culture didn’t need to be uncomfortable?

What if your teams found new strategies for better communication and increased cohesion?

What if you, as a HR professional or Leader, had a way of increasing retention through belonging?

By understanding and embracing archetypes you gain options and flexibility in communication rather than being stuck and potentially ruining your relationship connections.

We’ve seen:

  • Leaders discover and tap into the strength of their communication style. They understand what supports and how it may hinder their leading ability.
  • Trust grows on teams as leaders understand The Why behind team/individual performance choices and can coach to the individuality better.
  • Teams embrace their diversity, as well as the similarities of how and what they offer in problem solving and communication.

Articulate: Real & Clear’s training builds cultural awareness and supports your organizational goals.

  • Align your strengths to organizational strategy
  • Increase team engagement and collaboration while decreasing conflict
  • Reduce attrition
  • Develop self-awareness in your emerging leaders
  • Supports your organizational ESG and DEI goals
  • Cultivate culture and brand reputation through communication
  • Shorten time to productivity
  • Enhance professional development plans

The Culture Talk Archetypal Assessment offers a framework for understanding how you, and others, come to conversations with particular viewpoints and how these perspectives tend to be shared or misconstrued.

ARTiculate: Real&Clear, as a communication company with artistic background, uses CultureTalk to deepen culture and communication for organizations and teams.

CultureTalk makes findings memorable.

Leaders and teams understand and internalize them easily. This supports external and internaliz change. AND the CultureTalk Archetype assessment supports and deepens other leadership personality assessments. We like to say, “It’s a great, ‘yes, and’ to other assessments.”

CultureTalk surfaces your individuality.

We are each a unique mixture of the archetypal patterns. These key findings assist in the multidimensional approach to situations, problem solving and communication. You will understand each other better.

The CultureTalk Assessment surfaces leadership communication patterns and behaviors as well as organizational patterns and behaviors.

When you know these behaviors, you can make intentional shifts in your organizational culture and individual choices.

Robin A. Miller, PhD, PCC, CPCC

Cofounder and Executive and Leadership Coach

ARTiculate: Real&Clear

“Leaders need help building team culture and getting their teams aligned. But team success starts with a deeper understanding of individuals. Each person must be conscious of who am I, how do I show up, and how do I become engaged or disengaged?”

Why the CultureTalk Archetypal Assessment?

Two Surveys. One System.

Measure the communication culture and individual personality/communication style through the same story-based framework.

With cultural and communication awareness, groups and individuals can begin to understand the impact of culture and communication on the success of organizations and the people within them.

Not Just Another Personality Assessment

Archetypes are familiar storylines or patterns.

People and teams understand and internalize them easily. We tend to remember archetypes. Numbers, Colors, Letters mean less without context. AND the CultureTalk Archetype assessment supports and deepens other leadership, communication, personality assessments taken. We like to say, “It’s a great, ‘yes, and’ to other assessments”

Archetypes point to our unique individuality.

Each of us has all 12 patterns within us. The habits that are more familiar become our primary types and we are always moving between several types. We are each a unique mixture of the archetypal patterns.

Archetypes are patterns that point to communication and leadership behaviors.

When we know these behaviors, what works, what’s less effective we can make intentional shifts in our communication and behavior.

CultureTalk is well-researched.

Scores are compared to your scores rather than being ‘normalized’ against a database and raw scoring helps reduce test-taker bias.

Client Applause


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Tara Simpson | Director of Sales, TEGNA/KXTV

Your training programs depth and effectiveness have truly impressed me. It was evident from the outset that your instructors possessed an in-depth understanding of archetypes and their role in communication. They conveyed complex concepts in a clear and engaging manner, making it accessible to all members of my team, regardless of their prior knowledge on the subject.