Get the Vote: The ART of Moving Hearts and Minds – Both Sessions



Event: Get the Vote, the ART of Moving Hearts & Minds

Date: Friday, May 4th & Friday, May 11th    This ticket is for those who want to attend both sessions.

Time: May 4th from 2:30 – 6:00 PM, May 11th from 3:00-5 PM

Location: 2727 Bryant St. Suite 600, Denver, CO 80211

Participant Info: Participants must have already filed necessary paperwork to run for local, state, or national elected offices or already be an elected official.

Cost: $275 for just May 4th, $350 for both May 4th and May 11th.

With the purchase of a ticket, candidates/officials may bring an advisor, friend, or member of their staff with them to the training for free. This way, the candidate/official can remain present and focused on the coaching while the additional member can record and take notes.

Why Bother:

You want to serve the public. You have to show up real and clear to get the votes. We can help. 

2018 has already been a historic year. Everyone needs to up their game. Whether you are someone who is an experienced advocate for your constituents or someone who is putting their name on the ballot for the first time, your message, your voice, and your communication needs to clearly convey your vision and values.

This studio trainings will focus on one key question: Are your values authentically reflected in how you present yourself and in the stories that you tell voters both in person and on-camera?

Does your voice portray or betray you? Is your message and story a true reflection of your values and beliefs? Heighten the impact of your communication, storytelling, messaging, on-camera, and public speaking with this unique, interactive studio training.

We are a team of experienced coaches and trainers who have significant experience working with candidates and elected officials on their message, delivery, storytelling, and pitch.

In this studio training, you will:

  • Identify the characteristics, strategies, and behaviors of influential communication
  • Align your voice and non-verbals with your message, values, and vision
  • Convey your values through the stories that you share with voters
  • Engage the individuality of communication styles while have an awareness of impact and choice
  • Recognize the use of the voice for impact and authenticity
  • Implement effective use of non-verbal communication and understand how it relates to trust and credibility
  • Heighten self-awareness of natural tendencies that are distracting from key message
  • Discover opportunities to build your credibility and authority through your presence and presentation
  • Step into your individual excellence and share your powerful presence
  • Create greater connection and deliver a clear, engaging message whether in-person or on-camera.

For more information about this training, please contact:

If you are interested in attending just the May 4th session, please click here: Get The Vote: May 4th Session Only

  • If you register for only the May 4th session and want to opt-in for the May 11th later, you may do so after contacting:


Names of candidates and campaign officials will remain confidential from those not in the studio trainings. Campaign strategies, messages, intentions, goals, talking points, and concerns will remain confidential as well. All attendees will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the studio training(s).

ARTiculate: Real&Clear is a non-partisan communications firm. This studio training will solely consist of progressive candidates from local, state, and national political races in Colorado. It will be made available online to all candidates and elected officials.