Own Your Voice: Voice for Professional Women


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Own Your Voice and Step into Your Leadership.

** 3 Thursdays: January 31st, February 7th & 21st @ 3pm-6pm **

Activate your ability to persuade and captivate an audience.
Be perceived as confident, competent and effective.

Whether you’re speaking to a group—or trying to be heard by your employer, employees, or colleagues—being clear and authentic are the keys to your success. This is true of live conversations as well as virtual sessions via phone or webinar.

What sets successful leaders apart is utilizing your own true and authentic voice; speaking with the authority that comes with using your voice efficiently and effectively.

Many of us have adopted manners of speaking that disconnect us from our truth. Poor breath use and voice placement can make your voice sound disconnected and cloaked. On a more subtle level, it can make you come across as closed off, inauthentic, and untrustworthy. Clearly, that’s not your intention.

In this interactive workshop you will:

  • Increase your awareness of and connection to your voice.
  • Learn ways in which your voice impacts your work and ways in which you have more control over it than you realize.
  • Activate your voice as a tool for business.
  • Connect more effectively with your clients and co-workers and land your message with greater assurance.
  • Receive individual coaching in small group breakout sessions to practice communication scenarios.
  • Gain skills and awareness to enhance your leadership and confidence in business and in life.

Whether you are an experienced speaker or a novice, gain greater vocal variation, power, and authenticity to increase the impact of your communication in this unique workshop focusing specifically on the voice, applying training techniques of actors and directors.

Sign up for all three classes (voice, message, and presence) in the series.

This event is for people who identify as women – Please share with professionals who you think would enjoy the experience!