“Your training was AMAZING, and thank you again for flying halfway across the country to coach us. I've read and been taught a lot about communication skills and style, and I learned more in a couple hours with you than from all the rest!”
- Elyssa F., Los Angeles, CA

1-on-1 Coaching

Have you surpassed every professional goal you’ve set? Are you happy in your job and want to continue your growth? Continued excellence and change is only made possible through support, repetition, and accountability.

With one-on-one coaching from ARTiculate: Real&Clear, your growth is also the commitment of your coach.

One-on-one coaching is on a retainer rate for three, six or 12-month timeframes. Throughout your retainer, you receive:

  • Two coaching sessions per month
  • Continuous feedback and support via email or phone between sessions
  • An open line of communication with your coach in case you need something between sessions

Executive Retainer

The executive retainer focuses on strengthening leadership development and heightening awareness of how you show up as a leader. This retainer is for the executive who is ready for thoughtful, constructive, and honest feedback.

Individual Retainer

The individual retainer is for the high performer who is ready for elevated communication development and an advancement in their career. Our coaches focus on all facets of business communication, including leading/facilitating meetings, managing people, public speaking, and professional presence.  

911 Sampler Package

You know you need immediate support to gain that added edge for an upcoming interview, speech, pitch, keynote, business meeting, or on-camera event. The 911 package provides immediate coaching for your communication needs.

We want to make sure we are a good fit for your time and money. We invite you to try our services through three coaching sessions before making an intentional commitment.

Executive Coaching

ARTiculate: Real&Clear will elevate your executive communication and presence for greater impact by enhancing your personal understanding of leadership style, team engagement, authenticity, and effectiveness. Because we believe each individual is unique, we customize our executive coaching. Collaboratively, we discuss your goals and work to figure out tactics and work-arounds to accelerate your life and career. Whether it is interpersonal communication or large conference delivery, our highly trained coaches will guide you to deliver your message in any context so that the audience (one or a thousand) is connected to you as a leader and presenter. The ARTiculate: Real&Clear Communication Chiropractic® approach to coaching ensures that the executive is aligned in their communication and executive presence.

What You'll Gain:

  • A clearer understanding of personal communication; it's impact on others, and how to shift appropriately
  • Heightened interpersonal connection with management and team
  • Clearer and concise communication
  • Increased facilitative leadership skills

What to expect

  • Our feedback is supportive and direct. We coach the whole person so that whatever is getting in the way can be acknowledged and a shift can occur.
  • We constantly assess your Communication Chiropractic® alignment and adjust the coaching toward what’s most important for your current experience, goals, tool acquisition, assimilation and growth. 
  • Clients come to ARTiculate: Real&Clear for coaching and realize they have far more possibilities than what they first envisioned.

“…The ARTiculate team gave a safe, engaging, practical opportunity to up our game -- and to start to change the culture to make it ok to offer this kind of feedback. A training gem.”
- Participant PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2017

It is a joy to work with ARTiculate. They have very skilled, authentic facilitators who know how to create very real value for each participant.
- Jill Borgelt FCSA 2017

Group Training

Group communication and culture are created by the interaction of individuals. Individuals are uniquely informed by individual cultural and personal experiences. ARTiculate: Real&Clear works with groups and organizations to identify their communication habits and provides tools to tailor their communication style based on the habits, needs, or expectations of the audience.

We like to say, “We play well with others.” The ARTiculate: Real&Clear trainings are carefully designed to simultaneously compliment and activate other trainings your organization has received. We adapt our training to the learnings from other trainings you have had to align best with your individual and organizational needs.

The ARTiculate: Real&Clear coaches work with both large and small groups. Small group sessions allow individuals to employ the techniques we teach and receive detailed and individualized feedback from our coaches.


  • One, two+ day trainings (select 1 module from below)
  • Series (select 2 or more modules from below)
  • Customized training (let us know what you need, we’ll build the training)
  • Individual training Package (individual coaching for specific team members)


  • The ART of Communication: Presence & Presentation
  • The ART of Advanced Facilitation
  • Mentoring Excellence in Difficult Communication & Feedback
  • The ART of Effective Teaming
  • The ART of Virtual Communication: When You Are Heard and Not Seen
  • The Power of Alignment: Your Voice and Your Values
  • Women’s Leadership Series

Keynote and Breakouts

Leadership communication that transforms organizations and teams.

Hilary Blair and Dr. Robin Miller are excellent at engaging your audience with either motivating or inspirational keynotes.  They can open your conference or engage a breakout room to produce meaningful shifts in communication that will support leadership development, culture transformation, and team interaction. They will speak from experience, and provide illuminating examples that every participant will connect to, understand and apply throughout their lives.

We impact your bottom line by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your most valuable resource – your people.

The Power of Counterintuitive

Being nice doesn’t get our teams nor culture where it needs to be. Much of what we’ve been taught as polite and nice gets in the way of connecting and building trust. Counterintuitive communication moves us to a stronger and vulnerable approach. Truly great leaders have mastered kindness, empathy and authenticity while delivering tough messages. We need to honor people, not placate them. We become more successful when we understand that authenticity leads to trust and trust leads to influence. Our communication choices can create a collaborative approach in the most difficult situations. These counterintuitive actions may be uncomfortable and will generate high performing teams and create a more inclusive and intentional culture.

Women: Claim Your Power

Female leaders often have to navigate journeys that are met with seemingly insurmountable challenges. Communication style is judged as either too harsh or too soft. Even voices are criticized and can hold women back as they move up the ladder or forward in their career. These unique challenges need to be discussed in a supportive and honest environment. This interactive keynote provides tools that will reframe confidence and executive presence - empowering women immediately to deliver clear, efficient, and powerful leadership communication.

Own Your Sales: Get Real

You can know all the processes and still not get the business. Sales is about authenticity, listening and connection. Your reps totally understand the sales process but do they understand how they are individually landing on the customer? To influence a customer, a powerful message and individualized authentic delivery is critical. Storytelling is known as a powerful approach to persuasive connection and messaging and yet it needs to be tailored to the unique style and personality of the sales rep. Up your sales training with this highly interactive keynote that develops participants’ awareness of how they are showing up, gives them tools to deliver their effective and persuasive message while connecting with the customer.

Protection from Burnout

For Medical Professionals

Protection from Burnout

Providing good care is exhausting. Communication, which is an essential part of the care, is also exhausting. In this keynote we’ll explore the levels of conversations and the vulnerability that comes with connecting to your voice. Minimize the effects that lead to burnout by exploring where to spend and how to save your energy when communicating complex and difficult messages. Your voice, your breath, and your emotions are a complicated mix of your powerful gift of supportive healing.

*Also popular with medical professionals: 

Landing Your Message - Quality Communication and Care

Executive presence is about trust, connection and relationship. When physicians and staff have effective communication, it puts patients and their families at ease, as well as nurtures a supportive environment with colleagues and the clinical team. Learn the nuanced levels of conversation and neuroscience that backs the practices to provide both strength and empathy in stressful emotional environments.