Our workshop with Articulate was excellent and offered all that we asked for and more. I would definitely recommend their company for media/speaking training. The trainers were engaging, fun and informative.
I had a great experience at ARTiculate and notice myself using the tools they provided on a daily basis. I highly recommend them and their services!
It is a joy to work with ARTiculate. They have very skilled, authentic facilitators who know how to create very real value for each participant.
Talking is incredibly personal. We judge and are judged by how we speak as well as what we say. We get feedback all day long about our content ("I agree!" "I disagree"), but we almost never hear about what's working/not working in our speaking style. The ARTiculate team gave a safe, engaging, practical opportunity to up our game -- and to start to change the culture to make it ok to offer this kind of feedback. A training gem.
Articulate has changed the way that I think about speaking and preparation for speaking. They helped me beyond the scope of what I came for and truly changed the way I approach communication in general. I would recommend their services to anyone who values communication!
I have to say, of all the stuff I have done up to this point, meeting with you was by far the most valuable. I learned so much today it was really incredible. I come across so many people that are, at best, mediocre at what they do. What you walked me thru today was amazing. It is exactly what I was hoping to accomplish. I can't wait for the next couple few sessions. Thank you so much.
Having played in the NFL for 15 seasons, I know a thing or two about what makes a great coach. Passion, hard work, understanding the craft, being a teacher, finding someone’s best qualities and giving them the tools so they have the best chance for success are all the things that Hilary brings to each and every session. Great coaching makes a difference. Hilary is a great coach, period.
ARTiculate found positive, encouraging ways to work with individuals in our firm who have widely varying experience and skills. Every one of us was able to improve.
One of ARTicutate’s best skills is taking the individual and building on who they are naturally, instead of trying to change them.