Case #1


The client hired ARTiculate: Real&Clear to work on presentation skills and realized that their CHRO needed a focused story so that their new message was heard and received by 40,000 employees.


We worked with her to reshape how she established the story and delivered the message so that true passion and clarity was shared across all levels of the organization. It evolved from details of “this is what is happening to you” to a unified call to action that benefitted everyone.

Case #2


The company realized that their associates were having difficulty delivering their unique message.


We coached them to both access personal story and deliver their pitch with human elements and connection. They were able to transform from less than enthusiastic message delivery to individualized “my story connects to your story and experience.”

Case #3


The client repeatedly hires ARTiculate: Real&Clear to coach their leadership team for onstage presentations at their National Sales meetings.


After multiple years of training their leadership team, the client decided that their entire sales team needed training. ARTiculate: Real&Clear flew to Florida to present and train over 300 sales representatives at a National Sales meeting. We released them from the constrictions of conformity to their individual styles and excellence.

Case #4


The consultant needed training for sales pitches in order to apply for and win promotions in her


While working with ARTiculate, the consultant was able to reframe her perspective on the meaning of sales and connection with clients. Within two months, she had landed over $300,000 worth of business with her client when she had never sold solutions prior.

Case #5


This hospital CEO made his career by moving from system to system – he was known as a facts man and reorganized multiple facilities. This approach wasn’t working for him when he desired to find a position where he could remain for several years.


He was able to shift his story and his presentation so that the audience could connect to the issues trying to be solved around water accessibility and purification. He was able to release his passion and bring his brilliance to the room vs. the talking data head that did not connect nor sway his audience.


The Power of Counterintuitive

Being nice doesn’t get our teams nor culture where it needs to be. Much of what we’ve been taught as polite and nice gets in the way of connecting and building trust. Counterintuitive communication moves us to a stronger and vulnerable approach. Truly great leaders have mastered kindness, empathy and authenticity while delivering tough messages. We need to honor people, not placate them. We become more successful when we understand that authenticity leads to trust and trust leads to influence. Our communication choices can create a collaborative approach in the most difficult situations. These counterintuitive actions may be uncomfortable and will generate high performing teams and create a more inclusive and intentional culture.


Claim Your Power - Give Voice to Your Executive Presence

Female leaders often have to navigate journeys that are met with seemingly insurmountable challenges. Communication style is judged as either too harsh or too soft. Even voices are criticized and can hold women back as they move up the ladder or forward in their career. These unique challenges need to be discussed in a supportive and honest environment. This interactive keynote provides tools that will reframe confidence and executive presence - empowering women immediately to deliver clear, efficient, and powerful leadership communication.


Own Your Sales: Get Real.

You can know all the processes and still not get the business. Sales is about authenticity, listening and connection. Your reps totally understand the sales process but do they understand how they are individually landing on the customer? To influence a customer, a powerful message and individualized authentic delivery is critical. Storytelling is known as a powerful approach to persuasive connection and messaging and yet it needs to be tailored to the unique style and personality of the sales rep. Up your sales training with this highly interactive keynote that develops participants’ awareness of how they are showing up, gives them tools to deliver their effective and persuasive message while connecting with the customer.

Medical Professionals

Protection from Burnout - It’s a Part of You

Providing good care is exhausting. Communication, which is an essential part of the care, is also exhausting. In this keynote we’ll explore the levels of conversations and the vulnerability that comes with connecting to your voice. Minimize the effects that lead to burnout by exploring where to spend and how to save your energy when communicating complex and difficult messages. Your voice, your breath, and your emotions are a complicated mix of your powerful gift of supportive healing.

Landing Your Message - Quality Communication and Care

Executive presence is about trust, connection and relationship. When physicians and staff have effective communication, it puts patients and their families at ease, as well as nurtures a supportive environment with colleagues and the clinical team. Learn the nuanced levels of conversation and neuroscience that backs the practices to provide both strength and empathy in stressful emotional environments.