Articulate at Work: How Performance Techniques Bring Business Communication to Life

You’re giving a presentation or leading a meeting for the first time or the hundredth time, and still, it can be unnerving. Nervouscitement™ takes over. You experience shifts in your voice, message and body language that impact your communication and connection.

Hilary Blair and Robin Miller know the secrets to human connection through public speaking, presentations and business talks, and they’re sharing them with you. Through the authors’ performance insights, you will learn to embrace the awkward moments and build confidence when you’re upfront. Their artistic discipline, coupled with business communication, creates an essential connection to moving relationships, energy, and ideas forward.

Hilary and Robin have more than sixty combined years of performing, coaching and training in the performance and communication realms. The artistic practices they share in ARTiculate can improve your communication skills and rocket your career!

An Attitude Adjustment for Presentation Skills

Can you really improve your communication skills? You already know that public speaking and presentation skills are essential for your business and personal success, but what can you do if you don’t feel comfortable making presentations?

With this SkillBite, not only can you improve your presentation skills, but you’ll enjoy doing so, and it’ll be easy and fun! Blair and Miller have been teaching for 30 plus years and have found that the traditional methods of teaching and/or coaching communication skills often miss the mark with clients; the concepts can be difficult to actually integrate into everyday use. This quick read incorporates crucial findings from years of teaching and captivates the reader’s attention through use of a sports analogy. Learning can be fun as you access the tips through the eyes, ears and body of a team player – understanding the rules of the game, the playing field, how to score and how to practice effectively. You’ll find many suggestions that will enhance your beginning presentation skills or polish your advanced technique.