The Power of Individualization in a Formulaic World

At a recent convention, I was surrounded by solutions promising to enhance leadership and business success. These solutions, primarily assessments, micro-learnings, and formulas, are insightful and well-executed. However, I realized that ARTiculate: Real&Clear brings a unique element to this landscape: individual activation.

In a world prioritizing scalability over personalization, we stand out by focusing on each person’s unique strengths. Our approach heightens individuality rather than fitting people into predefined processes. This realization became clear as I navigated the convention, witnessing the dominance of formulaic solutions solving for the training of large numbers of employees. We compete on offering boutique and bespoke with tangible outcomes in both excellence and well-being.

Our Rebellious Consultancy Start

Our journey began with a boutique consultancy valuing our bespoke services. Our theater-derived tools and techniques set us apart, emphasizing individual coaching. I recall a session with a managing director and ten leaders where personalized feedback for each leader impressed the MD, highlighting our unique approach. I can still hear the MD’s surprised quote, “You are nailing it for every single one of them; I guess I should consider what you said to me.”  This is our ethos, individualizing and personalizing leadership journeys by coaching to the unique styles and personalities of each leader. We’ve been partnering with them for over a decade now.

Activating Your Training Investment

At ARTiculate: Real&Clear, we activate your training investment. We use the power of the arts and the performer’s discipline to break the mold and support individuality. Our tools and techniques aren’t about teaching another model but instead about showing how to use any model effectively. We are practitioners who bring training to life, so for example, sales folk show up as the fabulous salespeople they are, so leaders own their gifts and lead powerfully through change.

If you buy a better knife, it doesn’t mean you’ll be a better chef.  You have to learn how to use any knife first.  Just like learning another model for feedback won’t make you better at giving feedback. You have to learn how to connect and communicate and that has everything to do with your own individual style.  Then you can use any feedback model with skill.

You can buy off-the-rack, and we’ll tailor it to you. We offer custom individualized services that empower you to be your best self. Our coaches unlock your potential, reacquainting you with your unique strengths.

The Magic of Customization

We’ve seen magic happen in deep dives and one-on-one sessions. Our pandemic experience showed that even when delivered virtually, individualized training can make a significant impact.

Reflecting on our journey with one of our consultancy clients, I realized that as they grew, they moved into more formulaic training in order to scale. This led to a loss of individuality and impact on customers, clients, and internal teams. We were still working with some teams and individuals but there is a missing impact on the company as a whole. As we’ve watched, we noticed that formulaic approaches might be helpful for foundational information and economically viable for large scale training, but they are not usually the best choice for top-level leadership. Leaders need that individualized attention and guidance to excel.

Effective Modules and Formulas

My wise colleague Jenn reminded me that models and formulas are necessary and effective at certain levels. However, ARTiculate: Real&Clear’s strength lies in activating learning and incorporating tools and assessments that are already in place to enhance communication, connection, and team success. We plug into other programs to reveal unique skills and help individuals succeed.  As theatre people, we recognize the power of the different experts that contribute to the whole production being a success.

At the ATD convention, I pondered how we could integrate with various training programs. While micro-learnings and formulas are good starting points, true transformation happens with customized coaching whether in teams, programs or one-on-one. Just like learning the basics of an instrument or sport, you can pick up the fundamentals from videos, and to truly excel, you need personalized guidance.

Partnering: We Add the Unique Value of Individualization

ARTiculate: Real&Clear is a fantastic partner and plug-in to existing programs.  As theatre people, we play well with others and happily support larger programs. We are the “how.” The highly individualized “how.” You’ve invested in the tools — now activate it in each of your leaders, sales folk, managers, and team members. In theatre you might send the cast in to work with the choreographer or dialect coach and then they return to the main rehearsal.

We are also called in when communication training is “just not sticking”, when two teams are excellent on their own and cannot work together, when a leader is known to have great skill but something is not clicking.  When you assess and approach each work situation as involving unique human beings, you find power and success in the individualized solution.

Highly focused work is challenging. It necessitates self-awareness and collaboration. Our bespoke focus is for those who value the unique aspects of each person on your team and in your company. We activate training, making it practical and personal. Our approach initially demands more time and resources, but in truth we save time and money by going deep and specific from the outset.

As I prepare for my next keynotes and workshops, I’m more solidly convinced that our bespoke approach is essential. It’s about quality interactions and deep individualization. ARTiculate: Real&Clear is a great partner with your training and development as we encourage people to show up in their individuality, connecting and building relationships as leaders and teams. If your training missed the mark or your leaders need support, investing in bespoke, interactive coaching is the way forward.

Hilary Blair is a leadership keynote speaker based out of Denver, CO, and is the co-founder of ARTiculate: Real & Clear. She is also a highly regarded actor, improviser, facilitator, voice-over artist, and voice expert coach. Contact us today to learn more.


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